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Dustin Christmas 2008

Our Christmas To You Dustin 2008

Our Christmas To You Dustin 2008
Dustin Christmas Gifts 2008
Christmas Angel Gathering 2008
Christmas Poems And Inspiration
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Merry Christmas Dustin!
Little Biily and I spent the day yesterday (Dec 24th ) together and was our day with you. (I called him on Thursday to make my reservation LOL)  It was really a awesome day a few fireside chats ,alot of laughs and memories. And so much love in our hearts for you. We both miss you more than words can say. If anyway possible that anyone could miss you more than me it is Little Billy. I heard some of those pep talks you gave me coming out of my mouth to Little Billy. And this year will be his year 2009  you need to keep him on his toes. motivated and let him know your still with him every day just not in body but in his heart. Not sure how many fireside P Rawls AKA Momma talks he can handle but I will not give up. He knows if Momma talking or P Rawls he learned quick LOL
You know I have told you many times Little Bily has listened to me cry not just this year but times in the past. Well today he got to see some more of your mom and that was the funny gifts you use to get at Christmas that only your mom would give and your granny. I wil have pictures below too.
We went to see you around 5 and once again as we were turning on to Ave D there was your snmile of sun rays. First time little Billy has been with me when you are smiling above. So we go to your resting place and first we sent you some Christmas Balloons to Heaven. then like you Little Bily says now can I open the presents with a grin on his face not having a clue what he was in for and from his face I don't thnk you even gave him a hint LOL
We had so much fun and laughed. When we left he said Love you D going home to play with your toys .So yesterday was meant for Little Billy ,You and me and celebrating with you Christmas the way we did. Was different for both of us the year but I wanted to do something with Little Billy as I think he did with me. So all was perfect.
Was so funny when he got  phone calls yesterday he  would say he could not talk becuase he was on a date with D Rawls mom. How sweet was that. We even sang to you.
We are going to make a point to have a date at least once a month.
I called him a few minutes ago to tell him Merry Christmas and he was stil smiling I could hear in his voice.
We love you Dustin so very much and miss you each day! I know you will be in our hearts as we are in yours until we see you again! Love Mother and Little Billy

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Sep 26 2008 1:21 PM

Bestfriend- A person YOU choose to grind out life with.A person who honestly believes in you 100%.A person you cry to like a women because a woman hurt

The person who would never let you loose a fight. Even if you were winning.A bestfriend never says "get off my pool table" even when your drunk, butt naked, and eating cheese and tortias. lol

A person who will pop a pimple on your back, and then massage your back too if it hurt.The person you trust over any and everybody.

The person who will never turn there back on you even if they dont always agree with you. person you call when you cant spell a word correctly.

A bestfriend will trade blows in the face with you. bestriend is flying from Yuma to surprise me for my 21st birthday.

A bestfriend always tried to get you that good girlfriend but when you get the girl your bestfriend gets mad because its now taking away time with your homie so they want you to break up.LOL

When your sad and have no one to lift your spirit, here comes your bestfriend.

A bestfriend never leaves you out to dry he buys a blow dryer.

You are just that and many more to me Dustin Rawls... I love you and cant believe the harsh reality of life. Looking at your myspace page sometimes just hurts. Cant believe BESTFRIENDS- Dustin Rawls and Billy Bryant your gone. THATS DEEP............

Stepping Stones 


Come...take my hand the road is long

We must travel by stepping stones...'re not alone...I'll go with you

I know the road well...I've been there

Don't fear the darkness...I'll be with you

We must take one step at a time

But remember...we may have to stop awhile

It is a long way to the other side

And there are many obstacles you must face


We have many stones to cross...some are bigger than others

Shock...denial...pain and anger to start

Then comes guilt...despair and loneliness

It's a hard road to travel but it must be done

It's the only way to reach the other side

Come...slip your hand in mine


What? Oh's very strong

I've held so many hands like yours see...I had to take someone's hand

In order to take the first step

Oops! You've stumbled...go ahead and cry

Don't be's ok...I understand

Let's wait here awhile and get your breath

When you're stronger we'll go step at a time

There's no need to hurry...we have time on our side's so nice to hear you laugh again

Yes..I agree...

The memories you shared with me are good

They will live in you for all of eternity

Look...we're halfway there now

I can see the other's so warm and filled with laugher and sunshine

Oh...have you noticed we're nearing the last stone

and you're standing alone...

And look...your've let go of mine

We've finally reached the other side...


But wait...look back...someone is standing there

They are alone and want to cross the stepping stones

I'd better go now...they need my help

What? Are you sure...

Why...yes go ahead...of course I'll wait

You know the've been there

Yes...I agree it's your friend

To help someone else cross the stepping stones

~ Author unknown, copied from Wellesley Garden

Dustin's Christmas - 2007