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I had to share this picture because as I have told many Dustin Smiles at me through the Heavens on Special Days when I need him the most.
Last Year,we had his Tree Lighting on Dec 15th,2007 as you will see in the one picture and this year I just had to do this different by my choice had to be more alone and on Dec 14th, 2008, my mom and I went out to put Dustin a Christmas Tree and Flowers and you will see the same clear Patch of Blue in the skies.  My Christmas Wish for all moms and families is for them to get a sign from their loved one this year, one that they truly know is from God and thier Angels in Heaven.
God Bless you all!
Patti Rawls

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This year is much harder than last year and the song I choose for this page explains it all. Dustin was killed Sept.27th, 2007 and the holidays were all during the shock or denial time of this journey I am now on. I never really denied the truth in my heart Dustin was in Heaven but I would fool myself into thinking he was just away and would ne home. But in reality it will be me going to see him one day. I know he is truly safe and happy and in no pain but the broken heart he left me with I can not even find the words to say. So many say move on get past it but let me tell you those are words NO MOTHER wants to hear because this is nothing like anyone could ever imagine unless they have experienced it themselves.. So to loose a friend or to be shut out of ones life that is the quickest way to do it is to tell them to move on.  It may get easier, it may not ,not everyone is the same so how you feel may not be how another feels.. Last year I thought  I was doing so good but a year has past and I have been struggling more now than I did the first day everyday seems to be the first day. But my son was a survivior and a strong hearted person and life he lived to the fullest and I will In Jesus Name Press On as the song says for my son. I love and miss him more than words can say. The strength I get I get from him and the days, I feel I can't go on I get from him he was a emotional person and ,loved everyone and did all he could for every one never stopping to think about himself. There has never been a day I was not proud to call him my Son.! 


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