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Dustin Christmas 2008

Happy New Years
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Happy New Years

First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you.  ~Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald


My News Years Prayer to you and everyone you know PLEASE DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE OR RIDE! CALL SOMEONE ! I am praying for this daily and especially this time of year and Never to Early to change your New Years or Daily Plans.


If you do not read anything on this site but this page please read and listen and got to the links below My Dustin and others stories of what alcohol can do to you. My son was a passenger not a driver but a bad choice he made on Sept 27th,2007 getting into a car a friend that was drunk and driving. Yes you may think your able to drive but read the stats on the chances of you killing yourself or someone else. How many moms like me do not have a child home for Christmas due to alcohol. If anyone has a story they want to share   please email me. It is not just KIDS but ADULTS too!!!!



Do not wait until tomorrow to improve the person you are. Do not wait until tomorrow to change the things you can change. Do not wait until tomorrow to help that one person that needs help.  Do not wait until tomorrow to tell that  person you love them. TODAY may be the only day you have left and yes it can happen to any one of  us!  So make this day count! Patti Rawls


Today I choose to see myself as renewed by God's grace.

Today I will seek ways to change my reckless ways ... to allow myself to feel loved.

Today I will see the positive potential in the lives of the people around me.

Today I choose to be an encouragement to others in their renewal







I asked Patricia if I could Share her Brother Victor’s story  with you this is FACT not Fiction. So Please read and go to Victor’s Site to see what a great person Victor was and just made one bad choice that affected his life and others.

>Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 10:30:25 -0500
>From: "Patricia Powell" >   I only have one daughter, Katherine Suzanne. She
>   turned 31 this past november. Her family calls her
>   Suzanne, her husband calls her Katy and all her
>   friends call her Kat. LOL. I was married at the
>   tender age of 17 and was a mother before I turned
>   18. She has blessed us with a granddaughter Samantha
>   Leigh who turned 10 this past august. They grow up
>   so fast too. I told her that one day she would be
>   too interested in her friends to have anything to do
>   with grandma anymore and she told me that she would
>   never be too busy for me. I hope that's true because
>   she's probably the only grandchild I'll ever have. I
>   love them both to pieces.
>   I was 6 years old when my brother Victor was born. I
>   felt more like a little mommy to him than a sister.
>   Helping momma with all the mommy things made me
>   closer to him I guess and all through out his young
>   life, I always wanted to be protective of him. I
>   miss him so much, even though it's been 18 long
>   years, I miss him as much today as I did when we
>   lost him.
>   Victor was at a party with a friend. When he and his
>   friend went to leave, they realized that their ride
>   had already left so they began to walk home. Two
>   guys who Victor and his friend had only met at the
>   party offered them a ride, so they climbed into the
>   back seat. The guy driving had been drinking from
>   the party (which I guess they all had been, it was a
>   party). But he should have never been driving that
>   night (and Victor should have never climbed into
>   that car). He started speeding going 85mph in a
>   35mph speed zone. Swerving and speeding while all 3
>   guys were pleading with him to slow down. I can only
>   imagine what was going through my brother's mind at
>   that time. Needless to say the guy flipped the car
>   throwing all four of them out and the car landed on
>   Victor. Ironically, where the car wrecked was at the
>   entrance to a nearby hospital. The driver Scott and
>   his friend managed to walk to the hospital for
>   treatment while my brother and his friend lay
>   helpless and dying. It just breaks my heart to think
>   of what took place and that these 2 guys didn't say
>   anything about the other 2 laying out there helpless
>   until after they were treated. It could have meant
>   the difference between whether Victor lived or died
>   that night as well. Scott got a slap on the wrist, a
>   little community service and court cost. No time in
>   jail. Just the short time he spent there right after
>   the wreck until his dad bailed him out. Then 2 weeks
>   later he was drinking and driving again. What a
>   shame, he said he was messed up in the head because
>   of the wreck. We have never heard from him in all
>   the 18 years since Victor's death. Not so much as
>   I'm sorry or a card or phone call. Nothing. I have
>   always wanted to talk to him face to face. But I
>   know that will probably never happen. I wonder how
>   he's gotten on with his life and if he ever thinks
>   about what he has done. Maybe, maybe not. I don't
>   know, but I do know alot of time has passed and I
>   think in my heart I have forgiven him, but I'll
>   never forget. That would be a gift I would treasure
>   would be to just sit down and talk to him. To find
>   out what really took place that night and what he's
>   done with his life since then. To see if he made any
>   changes, to see if he even thinks about that night
>   and what he has done to our family. I wonder if he's
>   married and has kids. I just would love to talk to
>   him one day. Just talk, you know?


 If we could only turn back the clock. But then we would mess up God's great plan I guess.


God Bless Always, Patricia


 The url:


Once there, simply look for the link on the left hand side of the page titled "The Wreck

If you know someone who tries to drown their sorrows, you might tell them sorrows know how to swim.  ~Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.



What's drinking?

A mere pause from thinking!

~George Gordon, Lord Byron,



Dustin's Christmas - 2007