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Dustin Christmas 2008

Christmas Angel Gathering 2008

Our Christmas To You Dustin 2008
Dustin Christmas Gifts 2008
Christmas Angel Gathering 2008
Christmas Poems And Inspiration
Happy New Years



I choose Dustin to be a are Bear because even at 25 he loved the Blue Care Bear. He had a heart that loved and cared about so many. A grown man in body and mind but a small child at heart. The love and memories he left for so many will live on for a very long time. As his mom I am so proud of him and the life he lived and I know so Happy and Still smiling in Heaven above. I miss him dearly each and every day but I know one day I will see him again and that big smile. Love Mother

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As for the tree ornament, I think he would be the Cheshire Cat (from Alice in Wonderland) he always had a silly grin on his face and he did love cats, the more the merrier. He had two and I had three, the last year he was living with me we had the total of five and even the most stand offish cat would climb all over him.  He had a special way with them. They brought out the softer side of him when he was trying to be the tough guy guy to everyone else.

Scott David deLaeter

Angel Mom Elayne, Scott's Old Chook



Shane would be and I thk he would be the star at the top of the tree as we would always make homemade cocoa , popcorn balls, candy, fudge, homemade cookies, etc when we decided to decorate the tree. We would put on Christmas music like grandma got run over by a reindeer, rocking around the Xmas tree, etcetc and he would dance around the room helping me decorate the tree and house making sure the top star would be just so so, straight and lit up so pretty. For years he was the only on e tall enough to put the star on the top. I havent put up a tree since he was killed and am not going to this year either. I seriously don't thl I ever will again. After we decorated the tree we would put on traditional Xmas music and sit listening, drinking our cocoa and admiring the tree.
Angel Mom DJ
Shane Short       



If Laurie were an ornament she would be either a beautiful unicorn because they are unique, graceful, and just plain beautiful..... Or she would have been a dolphin, because they are so precious,  make cute little sounds like she did when she drank coke and swished it around in her mouth before she swallowed it, the are quick learners, they are emotional and get attached to their mates, and they look so graceful when they are swimming and jumping all together.... we used to ride the ferry and watch them... they were never out of rhythm...
Laurie, if love could have cured you, you would still be here with us celebrating Christmas, with your family, your daddy and our pets, gathering around a beautiful christmas tree that you loved to decorate each year..... Luv you and miss you always....



If Andrew were an ornament, he would be the star at the top of the Christmas tree.  Andrew had a smile that could light up a room ... we used to call him the movie star of the family, because whenever we had a family gathering, we would all just sit around and wait until Andrew arrived.  Once he did, everyone would start talking and laughing, and the fun would begin.  No matter what the occasion, we all waited until Andrew arrived so the celebrating could begin.


Every year, Andrew and I would decorate the Christmas tree together - that one was one of our favorite traditions.  Andrew loved this night and he would make such a production out of it.  We would order Chinese food, play our favorite Christmas CD and decorate for hours.  Andrew always put the star on the top of the tree.


After everyone went to bed, Andrew and I would stay up for hours and hang out together.  We would wrap the stocking stuffers and fill all the stockings, and bring out all the hidden gifts and put them under the tree.  We made hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows, and we would talk and giggle late into the night.  This is one of the things I miss the most - and I have not decorated the tree since Andrew's been gone.


Andrew, we love and miss you more as each day passes.  Merry Christmas in Heaven, my precious son.  We will always remember.

I love you with all my heart,




If Bubba was a Tree Ornament he would be a Snowman he loved the snow as much as I do. What fun we had building snowmen. Love you Bubba! Patty

Gary (Bubba) Haywood



Trissie would be a unicorn. After laying down Holly Hobie she picked up the unicorn. She would say "Mama they can make your dreams come true." Even after she was married and had children she still collected unicorns. I wish they could make your dreams come true for I would buy them all for just one more hour with you. I know you are very happy with this gathering of all the children, I can just see the big smile on your face. So be happy my dear child and enjoy them all. Merry Christmas to you and all the other children Love Mama 

Carolyn Bethea Jeremiah 29:11 "I know the plans I have for you."                                                                                                                



If Steven was an ornament he would have been a car, he loved his cars and he lived and breath cars everyday. 

Lori Angel Steven's Mom and JD's Mom

Steven Miller's Godaddy Site:



Geoff would be an Angel with Pink Wings because the last Halloween he lived he was an Angel with Pink Feather Wings.  He used my best white sheet for the clothing and left me with the old white sheet - he always wanted and had the best I could give him.  I was annoyed but I also had to laugh to see this big,

beautiful man-child in a white sheet with shocking pink feather wings and a wand of protection to protect all the kids who needed to be protected.  He is a great joy to me all 6 ft. 5 inches of him!!!  That was the funny of the costume, he was so big and the wings were shocking pink

                 Karen Lyn Jenkins                  
           Mother of an Angel with Pink Wings         
     Geoffrey P. Edwards

                I love you so.....twas Heaven here with you




Joey You are My Light My Joy Always Shining

I love you so much! Mom

Joey Scarpa

Angel Mom Linda




Zach would be a snowman. He loved the snow and liked to build snowmen. When it started to snow he couldn't wait until there was enough to build a snowman.




Victor Allen Hester
December 7, 1966 - May 31, 1990
Victor wanted to be a lot of things growing up. A policeman, a firefighter or maybe even a cowboy. But what he wanted to be in his young adult years was a "Good Daddy" to his kids, Kendall and Dustin.
Remembering daddy this Christmas ... all the Christmas' past and all the Christmas' to come.
All our love, forever and a day
Kendall (now age 22)
Dustin (now age 21)
Patricia (now age... oh no you don'
Merry Christmas everyone... 'Tis The Season 2008 .......




Ii gave this lots of thought and Michelle LOVED to build snow men
and snow ladies when a child, she loved snow and would look up at it
in wonder and delight..
I remember the night before she went to Heaven she stepped out back of our house as it was lightly sprinkling some snow, she reach out and clutched it into her hands and was mesmerized by it's sparkling beauty..Little did we know then that she would never see or touch snow again. She was in heaven the following morning of November 5th..Michelle is my sparkling diamond, her is a poem I wrote some years back..
The snow covers the flowers from Heaven,
God's Kingdom came to visit again..
The diamonds glistening all over the snow,
My heart yearns for the joy of tomorrow~
Knowing I'll see my Flower, my Diamond again,
My sweet daughter, my friend...
I love you Michelle Marie~
Love Forever, Mother 
January 21st 1996
8/24/84 * 11/5/93



Deborah would be a twinkling, shining star....she was full of sparkle, fun, laughter and joy...she shone like the brightest star in the sky, especially when she was on stage dancing.   There are a million words and things I could describe Deborah as, but I think star is the most appropriate.

Angel Mom Christine



Jessica would be a candle because she was so concerned about all the darkness in the world and wanted to spread light

Angel Mom Candy



Thinking of one thing Colby was is hard, he was energetic, he was life, he loved things that went fast and his favorite Nascar driver was Bobby Labonte, so to put one word energy. He was buried with his Nascar collectibles that he had just gotten for Christmas, he died Jan. 11, so never had much time with his Christmas items. Colby loved anything that would go, lawn mowers, dollys, wheel barrier, any thing with wheels. I want to.

Love and Hugz




 I don’t know how Christopher's ornament would look, but he would have to be a beaver made from legos. his favorite animal and his favorite toy. that is why i am always and forever going to be legobeaver


Christopher's Mommy forever



My Becky ,She would be a sparkling Snowflake or a snow person . She love the snow and always wanted it to now on christmas . She never saw a white christmas here while on this earth . It was always a wish of hers .  When it did snow  she was always the first one out side to build a snowman and she always decorated her tree with spray snow and her christmas trees after she left home with snow men .


If my Dustin were a Christmas Ornament  he would be a rare White Dove .This has always been a sign to me that he is will me every day in Spirit . Because three days after He went to heaven I had a Wild white Dove visit me and stay on my small Fish pond I had on my patio . Over the last 13 years the dove has revisited me time after time. Staying for a while then moving on .

 I feel a peace and comfort from the dove .




Ryan would be a star.  His birth brought great shine to my eyes.  Then when Ryan went to Heaven he extinguished that shine.  So now he should be the brightest star.

Love, Ryan's Mom


Blowing kisses to Heaven.



Well for the winter months I'd definitely say that Jakob would be a snowman because he got so excited to see the first snow & he called snowmen nomen!

Because of that I have been collecting snowmen for the winter months & have even found a few snowmen Angels .  Although now they seem to to have more out than when he first Became an Angel.

He loved trains & BIG trucks to, but for the an ornament definitely a snowman.




It was when my ANGEL Lee got a little older, he
realized he had some obstacles in his way, which felt like a knife
 cutting through his heart, being that they included his biological Father, his work that he was so Talented at, but most of all his illness. I still remember him saying it now, and always will, "Mom I wished I was a bird instead, and be able to fly free"
 By saying that I for sure knew what he meant. He even wrote a poem called "Bird" I would like to share with you all. Ever since he has left me, whenever I see a dove it reminds me very much of him, so that is why my ornament is a dove with my

 ANGEL there too.

 I wish I'd been born a Bird instead
 I could spread my wings and fly
 I wouldn't have to worry or think
 I'd never have to wonder why
 I'd soar above the sad and angry
 Folk Below
 Who seem to relish in the thought
 Of a greedy hateful show
 Humanity's becoming a troubled child
 Such a spoiled little brat
 Preaching from it's rotten stage
 Boasting this or that
 The Sons and Daughters of the earth
 Who've made a mess of things
 Should become Pupils of the Bird
 Who simply flies around and sings
 Birds don't pillage or rape the land
 They never hate or fight
 They never argue endlessly
 About who is wrong or right
 As I look around this damaged world
 Is it any wonder why
 That all I wanted out of life
 Was to be a Bird and Fly
Written By
 Lee Henry Aguilera~Sue-Anne's ANGEL





My Jacob loved Christmas always the first to want to put the tree up and decorate. The ornament question is a hard one :-) what would Jake be if he was an ornament?               

 Jake loved soccer he was very talented sports person but he also said when he died he    would come back   as an eagle or a cheetah .                       

So I think Jake would be an eagle soaring through

the sky being the master of his domain he was such a

strong independent person

With love Jacob's mum

Our Aussie Angel




Robbie would either be a train (which has become our symbol for him) or a penguin.  He LOVED cold weather and snow, and seldom needed to wear a coat, as he didn't seem to feel the cold.  He even said that he was a penguin.

Dustin's Christmas - 2007